Strategic Plan

The Fairfield Community Development Corporation (FCDC) was incorporated in 2019
as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, community development corporation to proactively address the
health and wellness, education, housing, jobs and economic development, and safety of
the Fairfield community of Huntington, West Virginia. The Fairfield community is well
known for its rich history, pride, and resiliency and has been selected for several city
planning initiatives. A map of the Fairfield area is attached. The FCDC was created as
part of the City of Huntington’s Innovation Plan and the award-winning America’s Best
Communities Initiative. Currently, funding for FCDC is supported by the America’s Best
Communities Fund and the Foundation for the Tri-State Community.
Following the hiring of RaShad Sanders as Executive Director in November 2020, the
founding board of directors launched a strategic planning process in May 2021 to
develop a goal-driven blueprint to purposefully improve the quality of life in the
community, while increasing the capacity and sustainability of FCDC. Guided by a
Strategic Planning Committee and facilitation by a neutral consultant, members of the
board of directors participated in three planning sessions to develop the organization’s
first strategic plan. An issue-based approach using a strength-based framework guided
strategic thinking, conversations, and planning around the pillars of Discover, Dream,
Design and Destiny.

Components of the 2021 – 2024 strategic plan include:

A point-in-time snapshot of the current environment in which FCDC operates

A clear mission and core values

Four strategic priorities, which frame landmark goals and expected results, and,

Three-year strategies.

The following strategic plan will be launched in October 2021 and should be viewed as a living tool and catalyst for action. Plan progress will be reviewed bi-annually by the board of directors and will be updated on a regular basis in response to the evolving needs of the community. To ensure successful implementation, an annual operational plan will be developed and carried out by an active, staff-supported committee structure.

Community involvement and strong partnerships are cornerstones of the plan, in addition to clear communications, community buy-in, and sustainable funding. The FCDC Board of Directors and staff is committed to listening, engaging, and involving community residents and other stakeholders to implement its first strategic plan, and encourages everyone in the community to take an active role to ensure its success.

To Download the FCDC Strategic Plan click here

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Fairfield Community Development Corporation

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Fairfield Community Development Corporation (FCDC) is a 501(c)(3) consisting of stakeholders from the Fairfield Community.